Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Evening with Mr. P.S. Rou at Bukit Kiara

The teacher whom many fear in school and absolutely an icon of Sultan Badlishah School.

It was so good to see him again. We shared a lot of things that evening which we could not share when we were in school. Many things were revealed some were juicy and interesting.

Thanks to Thinakaran for all the lovely photography and Thina don't forget to bring your camera on May 8.

Though he is 78 years old but he looks damn bloody good and handsome.

Thank you Gopalkrishnan for taking care and providing accomodation for Mr. P.S. Rou in Kuala Lumpur.

Manjit Singh was the Head Perfect in 1974, I ate my first chappatti in 1974 at his house maybe it was during Deepavali Day.

Mohd Faizul Abdullah popularly known as Puspa when in school.

We will meet again on May 8, 2011 at RSC, Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Please come gather with him, he might not be coming back to Malaysia once he goes back to India. So don't miss this opportunity.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Search for Old Friends Continues - Allias Ishak & Ven Joilin

It was a good afternoon at Royal Selangor Club in front of the famous Padang of Kuala Lumpur where four old friends from the same school met up and had a lot to talk about the past.
From right : Allias Ishak, Thinakaran Shanmugam, Ven Joilin & Sin Tai Lim.

Allias and I were from the same primary class in Tunku Abdul Malik School, Kulim. In this black & white image were Allias & Anuar Shamsuddin (also another classmate of ours). The last I met Allias accidentally in State, Petaling Jaya was sometime early 80's. It was so good to meet up with him again.

 A night with Ven Joilin from Sabah and we have KL Hokkien Noodle at Chinatown, Petaling Street.

Ven Joilin is one year our junior, he was one of the many Sabahan under Sabah Foundation to spent years in Kulim & studied in Sultan Badlishah School. Young & handsome Ven in this Geography Society picture in 1975.

We ate with our fingers and it is sort of mandatory to do so when eating Indian banana leave rice. Over in this table there is a Kadazan, a Chinese, Malay and an Indian eating together and we talked about our good old days in Sultan Badlishah School. Malaysia should be proud of us.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P.S. Rou was back in Kulim April 17, 2011 @ Kulim Club

This was the teacher back in 1975 Mr. P.S. Rou. Absolutely an icon of Sultan Badlishah School and many feared him during that time.

He came back from India to visit this small & nostalgic town called Kulim. He met up with old friends & former students and it was a definitely wonderful gathering.

Thanks to Yen Ling for making this gathering possible. Dr. Aziz Ahmad sitting next to his favourite teacher.

A teacher is always a teacher he made everyone stand up one by one & test their public speaking just like the good old days in Badlishah.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SBS Boys -They were in the Era of 1974 when they were in Form 5

Raffique, Manjeet Singh, Woo Tuck Hoong, Zakaria Embi, Ismail Kamarulzaman, Khalid Shariff, Ahmad Ishak

Mohd Raffique, Wu Tuck Hong, Khalid Shariff, Manjeet singh, Ahmad Ishak

??, Ismail Kamaruzaman, Khalid Shariff, Zakaria Embi, Ahmad Ishak, Raffique Osaman, Manjeet Singh
Photo Courtesy of Khalid Shariff

Friday, April 8, 2011

Form 3 Biru SSB 1972

I see familiar faces, they were my senior and I was in Form 2.

These are the names as extracted form Khalid’s facebook.

Adnan Hashim, Idris, Idrus Ismail, Chang Chee Meng, Raffique, Khalid Shariff, Yap Siew Kuan, Zulkifli, Dzul(rimau), Zaairah, Mustafa, Shaikh Siraj, Kalthom, Tan Lye Hin(navy officer), Rahim, Narimah, Lee Siok Wah(15, main road lunas), Radzi, Sreedharan, Osman, Miss Rosalina Tan, Siew Hong, Ivan de Costa, Rusna, g porkoddy, Zainuddin, Arwah Zuraini, Salmah, Heng Eow Choon, Khatijah, Sharifah, Ramli, Chandran, Fatimah, Radziah

Photo Courtesy of Khalid Shariff