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Chong Seh Keow's Request

Mr. Chong Seh Keow was happy to know that his teacher has treasured his email which was posted here in this blog. He has requested to re-post the content of his email including the original photo. I am very glad to do so.
From: sk chong <>
Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 12:22 PM
Subject: greetings from chong seh keow

Dear Mr Rao,

It has been ages ago that you were the teacher who untiringly coached us to perform in our national exam against hope that we would all be placed in institution of further studies.  A humble wish of a dedicated teacher that all their students would be educated and in turn serve in respected field to serve society in various way.

Looking back the golden years, I am sure you would agree with me that you have done well in bringing up so many students who have roamed the world armed with the basic foundation you helped in instilling in them the basic scientific laws and principles to help them further their studies and gain professional training.  

In our class alone, there are (in random order) doctors, engineers, dentists, phd holder, government officers, teachers, journalist, entrepreneurs, Datuk, nurses and hospital assistants, etc.   I am sure you are very pleased to know how your hard work and effort in providing the best to us, eventually shows result.  On behalf of all the classmates, I would like to say a sincere, ‘thank you for your dedication and guidance’.

It took a long time to get to this stage of technology whereby we are only keyboard away to be in touch with one another.  As a result, we are in constant communication via email.  During the process, Sze San told me of your imminent going to Malaysia to have a get together with some of our classmates in the hope to walk the memory lane.  I went back to Malaysia at the end of September and as usual, I went back to Kulim to see SBS.  It has changed beyond my recognition.  As the gate to the school was locked, I could only stand outside the fence and while I was standing outside there I could imagine all the activities flashing in front of me some 4 and a half decades ago.  It was sort of a mixed feeling with both sadness and happiness: sad that is was all history and happy that all those naïve young students are no longer that innocent and naïve anymore, but grown up and each a responsible person in society.  I was thinking to myself that it would be wonderful to have an opportunity to be together again to see how each and everyone of us have moved on and contributed to society in our own respective way.

It is most unfortunate that due to work commitment that I will not be back to Malaysia to be with all of you during the gathering.  I am currently living and working in Australia with my wife and children (a boy and a girl) and go back to Malaysia whenever time permits.  Perhaps, if you happen to visit Sydney in the near future, it would be a good time to catch up with you here instead.  Just recently, I turned down an offer for the position with Chennai Metro project, otherwise, I would be seeing you in India. 

Since this is my first email to you, it would be appropriate to relate to you the journey I had after leaving Badlishah as an introduction.  I will try to keep it brief to avoid boring you with too much detail.

After leaving Badlishah, I went for HSC evening class at Ibrahim.  Having completed HSC, I was lucky to be selected for training as one of the pioneer broadcasting technicians for RTM Kota Kinabalu.  During the time I was with RTM KK, I took the City & Guild of London Institute Broadcasting Technician examination.  Having worked in KK for 5 years I decided to be an Engineer instead of staying on as a Technician, therefore I went to England for further education. 

I was in England for 6 years starting with a Higher National Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Digital), went on for B.A (in Management) and finished with M.Sc (in Industrial Engineering).  I immigrate to Australia in 1981 to read PhD (in Industrial Engineering) at University of New South Wales.  However, on arrival in Australia with my wife, priorities changed and instead of reading PhD as originally intended, I seek employment and were very fortunate to be successful in landing myself a position with one of the heavy engineering companies as their project Planning Engineer.  I have been project Planning Engineer, ever since and the profession took me to Kuwait (1.5 years on heavy equipment project), Jakarta (4 years green field coal mining project), Hong Kong (10 years Hong Kong Mass Transit Airport Railway and Tseung Kwang O lines), Taiwan (4.5 years Taiwan High Speed Railway).  My wife and my 2 children were with me all the time when I was overseas.  My children were educated in Indonesia and then in Hong Kong until they finished HSC and after that they returned to Australia for the tertiary education. 

I return to Sydney, Australia from Taiwan in Aug 2006 and in Sep 2006, I was recruited to be a Lead Project Planning Engineer for the iron ore mining project in Western Australian in a mining town called Newman. Following the project’s successful completion, I am now working in their Port Hedland’s wharf project.  Since the location of the project is in remote area, the company flies me back to Sydney for 5 days rest after every 23 days of working on site.

Will be in touch again and perhaps, a photo of me would give you an idea how I have changed in the physical look as compared to the time when I was in SBS.  To add a bit of challenge, here is the planning team I lead and have a guess as where I am in the photo.  I am sure you got it right.

Have a nice day,

CHONG Seh_Keow 

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