Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mini Gathering @ Shah Alam for a Taste of Nasi Briyani Gam Johore

It was a last minute arrangement and everyone could make it. After all we got to eat mah. We have here from left Thinakaran, Tai Lim, Captain Mahamood Ibrahim and Abdul Rashid Haniff.

It was a satisfying lunch.

Thanks to Thinakaran for his wonderful photography. Everyone who wishes to taste this nasi briyani gam Johor please give me a call, we will arrange one for you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Classmate Sam Segran a.k.a. Vengadasamy Sekaran

Mahendran has done a good work, he managed to trace Sekaran in the cyber space. But Sekaran has yet to respond from Mahendran’s email. We will wait for his good reply.

We were in this class in Std 6 in Tunku Malik Primary School, Kulim, Kedah.

And in his class in Form 1 (1971) – 1 Merah.

A biography of Sekaran extracted from the cyber space :
after spending a few years in the International Airline industry, Sam Segran joined the Information Technology field in 1985. He has been at Texas Tech University since 1983 and has earned a Bachelor's degree in MIS and an MBA in MIS. He started as a Computer Help Desk consultant in 1985 and rose steadily through the ranks. After spending three years as Deputy CIO, he was promoted to his current position of Chief Information Officer for Texas Tech University in April 2003. He is active in various professional organizations and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas LoneStar Education and Research Network (LEARN). His major focus is the Safe Computing Practices campaign at Texas Tech University. His favorite pastimes include reading, traveling, fishing, cooking, and spending time with his wife Jamie and his "baby" T-Rex (5 pound toy poodle).”

Guess he has changed his name as Sam Segran.
A related posting of Sekaran below :

Sunday, October 17, 2010

5 Hijau 1975

In this photo: Late Wong How Jen, Bronson, Hidzir, Norsiah, Mr John Loh, Anthony, Mr Chiam, Habibah Mohd Isa, Salmah Ibrahim, Subhas Malakar, porkoddy, arwah zuraini, Arwah Bajan, Hasnah Daud, Halim Salleh, Miss Teoh (Geography), francis, Francis Daniel, Mazlan Omar, Agnes Teh (photos), Datin Faridah, Ambri Suman, arwah fatimah, Jamalani, Arbait, Arwah Azizah, Ishak Othman, Mahendran, Bunny Soon, Ahmad Abdullah, Sunder, Kuppusamy, Rosli Hamid, Zulkifli Kamaruddin, Roslan Ismail, Razak Romeo

This photograph was taken from Wan Habibah Mohd Isa's Facebook.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Story of My Life by Wan Mokhtar Al-Sambas aka Dave

1959 SBS High

In this photo: Abdullah, Elias and Zainol, Ismail & Arulnegeri, Rosli, Hamid and Abd Rahman, Abdullah & Azudin, Harun, Md.Isa, Mohd Noor and Radzi, Ghaffar, Hanafiah and Amerudin, Muthusamy, WMAR @ Dave Li and Sam Hafiz

This photograph was taken from Wan Mokthtar Al-Sambas aka Dave's Facebook.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Para pelakon Persidangan Malaikat, kiri ke kanan: Shaidan Ismail, Abdul Ibrahim, Tajalli Abdullah, Saadin Abdullah, Sazli Kamarudin, Nordin Mahmud, Suhaimi. Duduk: Azizan Saad, Zainudin Ismail & Abu Bakar Meh.

In this photo: Siti Hajar Nordin, Abdul Ibrahim, Arwah Zuraini Daud, Mohd Zainudin Ismail, Arwah Hamzah Kassim, Ustaz Azizi Hj Abdullah, Azizan Saad, Adnan Hashim, Tajalli Abdullah, arwah moktar, Ghazali Ishak, Abu Bakar Meh, Nordin Mahmud, Mohd Faizal, Azim Ismail, Mohd Rafique Osman, Shahidan Ismail, Sazli Kamarudin, Sazali Zainal Abini, Suhaimi, Saadin Abdullah.

This photograph was taken from Saadin Abdullah’s Facebook.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angkatan Pelajar Pelajar Islam SMSB

Back Row Left to Right : Mohd Rafee Osman, Abu Bakar Meh, Sazli Kamarudin, Tajjali Abdullah, Mohd Faizal Ismail, Arwah Hamzah Kassim, Sazali Zainal Abini.

Middle : Rohani Arsad, Chek Norliah Hashim, Nurain Abdullah, Aishah Abdullah, Fatimah Sarman, Zairah Amaludin (Vice Chairman),

Front L – R : Shazurin Kamarudin(Treasurer), Ustaz Md Isa(Adviser), Mr Cheam Tah Wen (HM), Ustaz Abdullah Zawawi(Adviser), Arwah TS Megat Junid, Saadin Abdullah (Chairman), Mohd Zainudin Ismail (Secretary).

This photograph was taken from Saadin Abdullah’s Facebook.

Form 5 - 1971

Nadarajan, Miss Lim, Manoharan, Kunasegaran, Tan Beng Choo, Thomas Choong Long Choy, Noriah Chik, John Loh, Husin, Ahmad Daud, Ahmad Yassin, Subramah, Ahmad Tarmizi, Mohana Kumar, Mrs.Tan, Gunasegaran, Faizul@Puspa, J.P Augustine, Ng Hee Seng, Late Mr Liew - Form Master, Soon Leong, Ng Peak Hong, Chin Hong, Tan Yong Lee, Choo Chuan Hooi, Ng Ling Ling, Maniraj, Arwah Wan Fauziah, Ramasamy, Ms.Wong Ooi Chee, Ho Leong Pee, Sivanesan, Heh Wan Su, Juriah Long, Chong Chee Siew, Mrs.De Run, Soon Seng, Selvamurthy, VijayaKumar, Che Chom

This photograph was taken from Mohd Faizul Abdullah’s Facebook.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1976 A Form 3 Class

In this photo: Yap Yong Beng, Borhan Hamid, Jagjit, Halim Mahmud adik dia, Ismail Baharom, Anthony, Arwah Bakhtiar, Sukhdev, Danny Waty, Fong Yock Meng/lai Twins, Nagasundram Kanasabai, Hashim Wahiddudin, Ghazali Omar, Ghazali Omar, Saiful Bahri Hasan, Norwahi Abdullah, Norwahi Abdullah, Tan Ban King, Treble Echo, Azman Sulaiman, Azman Sulaiman, Mohd nazri Mohd Noor, Azman Shamsuddin, Sarifuddin, Alias, Rosli x, Roslie Waslie, Wong Sock Meng, Mohd Nazir Abdullah, Baba
This photograph was taken from Pak Ndak’s Facebook.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Arbait Boro From Tawau, October 7, 2010

I was waiting for this moment to meet Arbait Boro in Tawau and I was very happy we manage to meet eventually. Thanks Tuan Haji Arbait Boro for your kind help during our trip back to the Airport. 

We were young when we were studying in Kulim and went our seperate ways after 1975 and after 35 years later we meet again. How wonderful.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tae Kwon-Do Club 1974

The Headmaster, Mr. Chiam Tah Wen turned his head, spotted me and I smiled back at him. He wanted to see me after the photography session. My hair was too long…. because of that I am botak now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Night with Friends from East Malaysia

At last I got to meet two Badlishian friends from Sabah, East Malaysia at Belly Good Restaurant at Dataran Sunway Mentari. Johnny Ng was in town for some company function and Terance De Souza is working in Kuala Lumpur for the last few years.

Johnny standing on the left was one year my senior and Terance was one year my junior. We managed to meet up through Facebook and it was a wonderful meeting. We shared a lot of our past and current lives. And as we grow older it is good that our circle of friends is getting bigger instead of shrinking.