Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ex- Badlishian of year 1974

Tajalli Abdullah, Mohd Radzi Yaacob, Siti Rohani, Fatimah Sarman, Siti Faridah (former Teacher), Puan Hajjah Azizah (Pengetua), Saadin Abdullah, Abdullah Azim Ismail, Nordin Mahmud, Sazli Kamarudin, Ahmad Harun

Thank you Saadin for the great meeting of the year.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ram Naidu a Classmate Found After 35 Years

The name Ram Naidu was a popular name among us during our era in Badlishah School.  Everyone knows this name (until today) but has not seen him for ages (some 35 years or so). I tried several times calling him recently but failed to receive any respond from the other end. One final night while I was attending a wedding dinner in Penang I receive his call and he remembers wrongly, he thought I was the sawmill owner in Lunas.

Somehow on the following day I managed to coax him to meet up on my way back to Kuala Lumpur at Sg. Juru R&R. Both of us could not recognize each other. We would if we were to have been facebooking each other before we meet.
Ram Naidu on the left next to Bukhori, Ramasamy & Hamzah Wahiddudin. An image from our Standard 6 Class photo. Note he wore a black shoe, always outstanding & different from others.
Form 1 Merah (1971) sandwiched between Sukunaselan & A. Bathmanathan.

It was a wonderful feeling meeting Naidu at Sg. Juru that day. We hope to see each other again.

Ex-Badlishians of Year 1973

Abd Halim Majid, Mansor Arshad (Head Boy 1973), Siti Faridah Mohd Noor(foremer Teacher), Head Mistress Puan Hajjah Azizah,  Syed Amir, Mohd Sobri Ariffin, Mohd Fauzan.
I was surprised when Mansor Arshad the Head Boy in 1973 told me that he can remember me. My goodness he was in Form 5 and I was in Form 3, I hope he remember me as a good school boy and not there other way round.
Mohd Sobri Ariffin has one face that I can recognize during this gathering but unfortunately I did not talk to him. He must have been active in certain school activities that I can still remember him.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Class Award

Can you remember this shield for the award of Best Classroom? Have your class ever being awarded with this? I have actually forgotten about this shield but after visiting the school and seeing this, it brings back good memory.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Classmates of Form 1 Merah (1971) - The Best Reunion Ever

On September 12, 2010 a reunion was organized for ex-students of various years to meet up at the school itself and Class 1 Merah 1971 has the best turn out. These were ex-students from this class (except one). Two doctor friends left earlier and did not have the chance to be in this group photograph. 

Dr. Aziz Ahmad (third from right) and Dr. Azmi Sarriff (at the extreme right). Hamzah Wahiddudin in between these 2 doctors.

This is a class where we have Malay friends, Indian friends, Chinese friends and friends for East Malaysia, Sabah. We did not argue about race, religion nor politic. We only talked about our teachers, disciplinary issues, sports and school activities. And most importantly we mix among ourselves, we made fun among ourselves, we joked and laughed, we played with one another just like ordinary and happy school students. I can say it was a true example of 1 Malaysia as what our current Prime Minister wanted to see. And that actually happened at 1 Merah 1971 of Sultan Badlishah School. Unfortunately we went our separate ways after we left this school and many of us did not see each other for a long time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School Reunion @ Sultan Badlishah School Sept 12, 2010

I would like to thank the Organising Committee for this successful and memorable reunion held at the very school hall Dewan Samuddin of Sultan Badlishah School on 12 September 2010. This is a date where many of us will remember and cherish this forever. My only regret is that I forgot to greet the Head Mistress, without her we could not be able to meet at this nostalgic place, our school. Therefore, I would like to thank Puan Hajah Azizah Rasul, the Head Mistress of the School.

Special thanks to Saadin, Habibah, Abdullah, Siti Aishah, Hajar, Norliah, Shukri & the rest  of the organizing committee for their excellent efforts. Gua salute sama you, kawan. I am sorry I could not remember some of your names but I do remember your faces especially after a period of knowing you through the Facebook.
The most wonderful surprise I had was the present of Sahat Sadikun. He came all the way from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to see his old friends. I thought after all the Facebook-ing, he will never show up at Sultan Badlishah School though at times I suspect & expect he is planning a surprise visit. It was surely a well plan & kept secret of Sahat Sadikun. It was nice meeting up with him. One of the first friends I netted from the cyber world. How nice if Tamijuddin were to attend this reunion, he was the first friend to be connected through this powerful internet.

Bukhari, another friend whom I have totally lost touch with him since we left school in 1975. He still looks very look & youthful.

Some of the 75's students at this table, they were myself, Bani Soon, Nai Prased, Siti Aishah and at the front row were Mahendran, Wong Ping Ling, Chen Yen Ling & Nai Prased's daughter.

All of these guys were from 1 Merah (1971) class exept Mazuki standing & Rahim sitting at the extreme right.

Sahat has not given up looking for those M.I.A.s. Helping him were Nai Prased, Kuppusamy & Mahendran.

Cheah Kok Poh (second fom left), my teacher and Scout Master was at the gathering too. It was nice seeing him at the school. My best wishes to you, Mr. Cheah Kok Poh.

Let us all hope that such reunion will come again and we will be seeing each other again soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Girl Guides in Badlishah of Our Era

This was the Girl Guides of Sultan Badlishah School,1975 (Yeoh Liew Kee is seen here). Agnes Baden Powell would be proud of these girls in Kedah, Malaysia.

An extract from the school magazine and we have school girls like Rosnah, Norsiah, Norllia, Arwah Saerah, Azizah, Habibah,  Rohani Hamid, Aziazh Saad, Fadzillah, Fatimah, Khairun, Azizah Ludin, Arwah Zuraini and Teacher & school staff Mrs. Chong & Miss Cheah.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Somehow or Rather I was in the same Class with These Peoples.

This picture was taken in 1975, we have Ronald Koh on the front row left, next to him was Anthony Nathan and followed by Diong Ka Deng. These Ex-Badlishians were daring enough not to attend extra Physcis classes on a Saturday. They have to faced the lovely music of Pak Rou.
1974 these heros from St. Patricks were in the same class with me and Mr P.S. Rou was the Former Teacher. Form 4 Biru.

After 5 Merah in 1975 we went our separate ways I did not keep in touch with them especially Ronald & Anthony. 2010 I had the chance to meet up with Ronald. I am looking forward meeting Anthony Nathan and also Diong Ka Deng. It has been a long time indeed. Woh!!! Mr. P.S. Rou my Former Teacher again, it was an honour, Sir.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Class of Form 1 in 1971

The name of the teacher here was Mr. Mah Sin Nam and was the form teacher for this class where my friends were.. He taught me Industrial Arts such as how to carry out wood works, copper tooling and I really liked it especially when it concerns with handling tools.Students of this class were such as Zufri Yazid, Habibah, Nordin Abdullah, Faridah Din, Sobri Kamaruddin, Fauzi Md Khir@Kodiak, Rahimi Shafie, Khairun Hj Rais, Norlia Hashim, Bohkari Muhammad, Ahmad Abdullah. These were truly innocent faces of the 70's.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photograph & Image All The Way From Germany & Kota Kinabalu

L-R : Sahat Sadikun a Professor lecturing in Kota Kinabalu, Arbait Boro (Tawau), Dr. Aziz Ahmad (Kulim), Hamzah Wahuiduddin a teacher in Kulim, Ram Naidu , Chubby boy(sorry cannot remember his name) and Sin Tai Lim
(Image courtesy of Sahat Sadikun)
L-R : Late Rahaimin (my 1st Malay friend who was very good in his Mathematics), Hamzah Wahiduddin is a Teacher in Kulim, Wong Kok Choo with Maybank in Ipoh, Vengadasamy Sekaran (migrated to US) and Dr. Aziz running clinics in Kulim & Bukit Mertajam.Photo courtesy of Kannika
My earlier  blog on these two images.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Invitation for a Renuion at the School itself in Kulim

You are cordially invited to come on this date.

Sultan Badlishah School looks different from our time.
Please mark this on your diary and see you there at the school .

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Former Badlishian Came Back to Celebrate a Get-Together in Kuala Lumpur

A photo taken in 2008 at PDRM Club @ Titiwangsa.
Low Lai Yoong, Kannika & Hubby (Detlev) karaoke the whole night through.

For more photos see here from "HapPy hApPy". We hope that Kannika will come back to Malaysia again soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Slowly but Surely I am Getting to Find my Old Friends

I had never thought of meeting this old classmate and on this date September 1, 2010 we met for the 1st time. It was surely a long time ago since we left school in 1975. Thanks to the power of internet which makes this possible.

Rashid Haniff was well known for getting into troubles in school and was having hard time with the disciplinary teacher, the late En. Ghafur whom was his uncle.  He is standing at the middle row second from the left.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Excursion to Penang Island

                                Front L-R : Tan Kean Hooi, Wong Kok Choo & Yeoh Liew Kee                              Back row L-R : Sin Tai Lim, Hamzah Wahidudin & Lye Keok Wah

We were young, we were strong and we were having a good time during our teens.

 My previous posting of this trip at "HapPy hApPy" of this excursion .