Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Neng Kee Tee the First Integrated Science Teacher

He was such a cool, soft spoken teacher and seldom burst into any angers. Mr. Neng Kee Tee now lives in Taman Keranji, Kulim. He was our lower secondary teacher and taught us Integrated Science. We enjoyed the new syllabus of this Science subject that came with lot and lot of practical & science experiments. He told me lately that he spent a lot of time and hard effort to prepare for this subject of Integrated Science. He left Sultan Badlishah School 1974 and continued his teaching career in Sekolah Menengah Padang Serai.

I met him last December 2010 he is still strong and healthy. He still rides his Honda Cub in Kulim though his bike condition isn’t that good especially the lights. We hope he will be careful on the road as the traffic is different from those years. Coincidentally he is my maternal uncle of my wife. What a small world.

Tan Kheng Kear also met him lately. It is always nice to see your old school teachers and nice to talk to them about the good old school days.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Classic Photo of a Standard One Class @ Tunku Abdul Malik School 1965

These are some of the available names seen in this classic photograph Bathmanathan, Tan Kheng Kear, Sazali, Md Nasir Isa, Cikgu Rashid, Head Master V Govindaraj, Wan Balkis, Uztaz Kamarulzaman(arwah), Alias Ishak, Mat Saad, Ram Naidu...

And most of them ended up in Sultan Badlishah School which is just next to each other for their further studies in Secondary education. 

What a great piece of photo from Abdul Rahim Abdul Kadir.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Form 4 Science - 1974

Nordin Abdullah, Bokhari, Tan Siok Hwa, Muhammad Abd Rahman, Lim Mooi Eng, Suhaimi, Mahmood Ibrahim, Mansor Bin Mohd Zain, Liew Swee Fong, Sukunaseelan, Habani, Omar Hj Muhammad, Raymond, Misran Sainoh, Musa SaadNuriah Hussin, Bakar Tahir, Zainiyah, Mohamad Abd Rahman, Siti Aishah Mohd Noor, Sazali, Che, Zamri Shamsudin

This photo has bring me good memory of faces whom I was familiar back in our Badlishah days. Some from Padang Serai, some from previous classes, some from primary school and some we bumped into each other when we were in school or maybe in the canteen.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I found Tan Kheng Kear a Friend since Primary School

I can consider Tan Kheng Kear as one of the earlier friends I met when I moved from Penang to Padang Serai during my primary school days. There were no English School in Padang Serai and my dad had to put me in Kulim at Sekolah Rendah Tunku Abdul Malik.  An extract of a photo when we were in Standard Six. He was stting at the extreme right.
I have lost contact of him when I went to Kuala Lumpur to do my form Six in 1976. I am very happy to get reconnected with him and hoping to see him in person soon. Thanks again to Facebook.

He was active in sport like Badminton, Basketball & Hockey.

 They were young they can show off the bare chests, just imagine Abdul Rahim posing again with Kheng Kear bare chest.

He posted a recent picture of him and my maternal Uncle who happened to be our teacher in Sultan Badlishah School.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HappY and Welcome 2011

Goodbye 2010 and that was fast …. Now we start new with 2011.

Kho Poh Tee aka Jimmy came back from Perth for a short break. Teow Choon arranged for a mini gathering at Ming Tien Food Court, taman Megah (PJ). It was just like the good old days in Badlishah School where I was staying in Kelang Sago in 1975 and we met regularly for many things. I must confess that I turned into a new leaf when I decided to follow Poh Tee to stay in Kulim. All were good as far as academic is concerned. My special “Thanks” to Jimmy. They say if you mix with the good apples then you will be in good hands.

We decided to meet again the following night for a dinner at Restoran La La Chong @ Kayu Ara and also to celebrate Poh Tee’s birthday. This time the group was bigger Jimmy came with Jenny & their 3 beautiful daughters and Teow Choon came with Pek Eng & their lovely daughter. It was also great to meet up with Lee Weng Seng & Yeoh Cheang Tiek especially Weng Seng. I have not seen him for a long time. All these “boys” were either my classmates or schoolmates in badlishah in 1974 & 1975. They came from St. Ptarick’s, Cho Min, SM Kulim & SM Padang Serai. We were fated to meet each other.