Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Neng Kee Tee the First Integrated Science Teacher

He was such a cool, soft spoken teacher and seldom burst into any angers. Mr. Neng Kee Tee now lives in Taman Keranji, Kulim. He was our lower secondary teacher and taught us Integrated Science. We enjoyed the new syllabus of this Science subject that came with lot and lot of practical & science experiments. He told me lately that he spent a lot of time and hard effort to prepare for this subject of Integrated Science. He left Sultan Badlishah School 1974 and continued his teaching career in Sekolah Menengah Padang Serai.

I met him last December 2010 he is still strong and healthy. He still rides his Honda Cub in Kulim though his bike condition isn’t that good especially the lights. We hope he will be careful on the road as the traffic is different from those years. Coincidentally he is my maternal uncle of my wife. What a small world.

Tan Kheng Kear also met him lately. It is always nice to see your old school teachers and nice to talk to them about the good old school days.

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