Sunday, December 25, 2011

Teh Tarik with Tami @ Kelab Golf Titiwangsa PDRM

An extract of a 1975 photograph of Geography Society where we shared in facebook.
He has a lot of friends and relatives to meet and intend to meet all of them if it's possible.

A group photo @ KGT.
It was only teh tarik and I actually forget about food, probably I got carried away while going down the memory lanes. Sorry about that my friends.
The person in light blue tee shirt is Tami's cousin, Ali where he took care of Tami's accommodation and other logistics.
Abdul Rashid, nephew of our primary school Disciplinary Teacher, Mr. Ghafor. This chap has a lot of interesting stories to tell.
Faizul & Anuar sharing and going through old photos where many old memories were recollected.

Whenever Thinakaran is around we are assured of good photography and thank a million we really appreciate this. Thanks to Mohd Sabri & wife for coming to this gathering too.

Mohd Faizul drove all the way from Kuantan to meet an old friend and I had the opportunity to play golf with him before the Teh Tarik. Good to see you Faizul.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tami Meets Amizan

A junior met a senior in facebook and they are staying a distant away in terms of thousands of miles between continents.
And yet they were able to meet in Petaling Jaya.
One for remembrance.
Amizan, our super junior in Sultan Badlishah School, we hope you enjoy our presence.
We are going to miss your presence Tami but we will see you in facebook.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meeting Tami After 36 Years @ Kelab Shah Alam

Thinakaran has a lot to share with Tami.

Tami has been away for a long time, he is now residing in Toronto, Canada. He is back specially to meet old friends.

It was a last minute arrangement just with a couple of phone calls we were able to gather for a lunch.

Me, Rashid & Tami meeting for the first time after our disapperance.

Professor Abdul Rahman eventually came even though he was having a hectic schedule.
Some Malaysian food for our long lost pal.