Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meeting Tami After 36 Years @ Kelab Shah Alam

Thinakaran has a lot to share with Tami.

Tami has been away for a long time, he is now residing in Toronto, Canada. He is back specially to meet old friends.

It was a last minute arrangement just with a couple of phone calls we were able to gather for a lunch.

Me, Rashid & Tami meeting for the first time after our disapperance.

Professor Abdul Rahman eventually came even though he was having a hectic schedule.
Some Malaysian food for our long lost pal.


  1. A very nice moment to remember.1Malaysia.


  2. After all this years a bunch heroic meet up again in a different manner this time haha...ohh damn we do miss the old days.. it will never ever come back tho..but memories kept our relationship strong where ever we are. why?...its just because the Badlishian are all very special people. CIMB la hahaha China India Melayu Banggali semua bole 1M..