Thursday, November 10, 2011

1969 - Form 5 Science 2

Ust Abdullah, Engatraman, Ismail Saad, PS Rao, Mohana Rao, Mr John Loh, Fatimah Sham, Inson Ahmad, En. Mokhtar, Cikgu Mokhtar (arwah), Rosni Ismail, Jamaluddin Omar, Mr Ahmad Yassin (arwah), Mr Victor, Mohammad Hamzah, Abd Halim Mat, Mokhtar Md. Isa, Azizah, Siti Zulaikha Sharif, Siti Zaleha Shariff, Mansor Habib, Cik Juriah Long, Che Som Din, Samsuddin, Roy Francis William and Zainol Aziz.

Courtesy of Ashah Abdul Rahman -  Extracted from her Facebook account without permission, I hope she does not mind.

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  1. Am one of the faces in this legendary photo.Get me guessing what ever had happened to each and everyone in the group....the students I mean.By now,most must be pensioners and conferred the titles of atuk and nenek.How time flies.