Monday, November 5, 2012

Form One E - 1965

Class: Form One E (Tahun 1965) Sekolah Sultan Badlishah, Kulim.
Form Teacher: Mr. Harcharan Singh (berdiri kiri sekali)
Saya berdiri dibarisan tengah No.4 dari kanan. Yang lain-lain: Mohamad Hamzah (No.1 row belakang dari kiri), Shafie Ahmad (No. 5 row belakang dari kiri), Azmi Shaari (No.7 row belakang dari kiri); Ahmad Azizan Abdullah (N
o. 8 row belakang dari kiri), Abd Rahim (No. 9 row belakang dari kiri), Mansor Ahmad (No. 5 row belakang dari kanan), Abd. Wahid (No.1 row tengah dari kiri), Azhari (No.5 dari kiri row tengah), Md. Dali (No.6 dari kiri row tengah), Mohd Asyraf (No.5 dari kanan row tengah), Ismail Md Saad (No. 2 dari kanan row tengah), Rosli Mansor (No. 1 dari kanan row tengah), Zauyah Lat (no. 2 dari kiri row depan) & Wan Sharaza Ramli (No. 1 dari kanan row depan).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Std 4A - Tunku Abdul Malik 1964

Tan Kim SiangThomas ChongThomas Chong Long ChoiGunasegaranSelvamurthyTeoh Hoo HiapTan Siang MongLOH BOON POHHo May Kee,Leaw Yong KeatMohana KumarChoo Chuan Hooi,SinnaduraiYen Kai SengReuben YenSim Phoay LearnMr.GovindaFaizul@PuspaMohan Sankaran,MohanMohan KumarMr.Ang Kim ChuanOh chin fattBong Nam KiongYM Tengku KamarulzamanFuzail Shaffieshafie mohd isa,Mohd.Yahaya bin YahayaLoh Kiam BoonRanjit SinghSoon Ewe KhoonNg Hee SengChang Chin HongGoh Teik Chuan and Teik Chuan Goh.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mini Reunion of Class of '75 to Welcome Back Kannika

Most of the people here are from the class of '75 either 5 Biru or 5 Biru with a '76 student Say Fong and 2 Germany made boys.
Kannika is back to attend a relative wedding in Kulim and we were glad that she can made it to meet us in Kuala Lumpur.
Paul & Theo our German friends and sons of Kannika were having a great time in this restaurant. Hope both of you will treasure this moment whenever and wherever you may be with all the Malaysian aunties and uncles. Till then Good Luck and hope to see you again.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mr. P.S. Rao is in Malaysia

A dinner hosted by Mr. Rao at Monghul Mahal, Brickfields.
The lady who came with Mr. Rao is Mr. Hacharan Singh's daughter. Mr. Hacharan is a good friend of Pak Rao whom he will be visiting him in Penang before he goes to Kulim. Hacharan Singh is another former teacher in Sultan Badlishah School and many will remember him during his era. With us are the two brothers Gopal & Guna from Kulim but have been residing in Kuala Lumpur for a long time and are close friends of Pak Rao whenever he is in town. The gentleman on the front right is Mr. Sree whom is the Telugu connection of Malaysia where Rao is the so called ambassador for this connection.

It was a wonderful dinner and a good evening with a former teacher. For those interested to see him, he will be in Kulim Club possibly until June 2012 before he goes back India to teach.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lurve Sweet Bakery @ Rasta TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

Alya, Farah & a super senior @ LurveSweet Bakery.
It was a Saturday afternoon I decided to pay a visit to Alya at Rasta Taman Tun Dr Ismail, she loves baking and very passionate about it. By the time I was there some of her pastries were sold out. I bought a last cake back home and my boys really love it and wanted more. It was nice to meet Farah, another Badlishian.Well Done Alya, you will make big one day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sultan Badlishah School Night 1974

These are the names I could gathered from the Facebook and if you know any more names of the young people in this photograph please forward it to me for the update.

Habibah Mohd Isa, Iskhandar, Agnes Tan, Yusriyah,Zainiyah Ishak, Nuriah Hussin, Ahmad Ishak, Tajalli, Khairun, Hamzah Wahiduddin, Fauzi Khir, Chang Siew Meng, Sin Tai Lim, Rosnah, Wong Kok Choo, Sunder, Solomon, Norsiah, Chandran, Tan Teow Choon, Low Lai Yoong, Yeoh Liew Kee

I have never seen this photo before or I have forgotten. This is awesome. Thanks to Habibah Mohd Isa for sharing this gem.
According to her it was the SBS Night where there were lots of activities happening during that day and it stretches till evening. I guess that was the best time during the entire school days here in Sultan Badlishah School because we need not have to attend any classes and most importantly we were having fun.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Famous Kelang Lama Roundabout.

The Kelang Lama roundabout where we passed by everyday when we go to school.  The warong-warong, the kedai2 and not forgetting the timber inspection point where we used to see timber logs on lorries at the road side inspected by uniformed personnels.
Thanks to Mohd Amirul Nazreen and Pak Ndak for this photo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Gathering at Kulim to Welcome Tami Back Home.

The once upon a time school boys and girls of Sultan Badlishah School of the 70's.
Registration at lobby of Seri Malaysia Hotel.
He had a lot share and everyone too has a lot to tell....
Sukunaselan the big boy.
Thambo with the ladies..
This man in purple came all the way from Sabah to meet up with his friends...Bravo! Bakar Tahir, it was so nice to see you in person. Of course Haji Zambri too.
Little princess of Capt Mahamood.
The friendship was rekindled making everyone near and reachable.
Abdul Rashid & Nasir were there too.
Daud, Nuriah Hussin, Habibah chatting about old wonderful times.
Bukhori came from Alor Setar is in the Agricultural Industry where Allias Ishak in the banking world.
Everyone was busy catching up old times and also recollecting what might have forgotten. While Siti Aishah Mohd Noor, the organiser taking pictures of the event.
Halim in green promoting trips Hajj pilgrimage to friends.
Habibah is one the co-organisers, if you need to know who's is who in Kulim you might want to know her first. Well done Habibah.
Mohd Nasir Isa also came from Alor Setar and it was nice to see him again.
Bakar (teaching industry in Sabah), Haji Halim Salleh, Capt Mahamood and Khalid Shariff  (one year our senior).
Another Alias Ishak but this one spells with one "l" less.
Nordin Abdullah, a humorous chap and a wonderful friend.
He has a lot to share for a good laugh.
After many years away, his Bahasa is still in tact and with another 3 months in Malaysia he should be fluent.
Sukunaselan giving his share of talk.
The smoking section. No more smoking in school toilet like the schooldays.
Alan Tan Kheng Kear was a popular badminton player during the school days.
Narimah Ahmad works in Saudi Arab (one year our senior).

We have qualms of what race or religion we come from, we meet in the name and spirit of old  Malaysia just like we were in school. And we hope Malaysia can return to such state.