Friday, March 16, 2012

Sultan Badlishah School Night 1974

These are the names I could gathered from the Facebook and if you know any more names of the young people in this photograph please forward it to me for the update.

Habibah Mohd Isa, Iskhandar, Agnes Tan, Yusriyah,Zainiyah Ishak, Nuriah Hussin, Ahmad Ishak, Tajalli, Khairun, Hamzah Wahiduddin, Fauzi Khir, Chang Siew Meng, Sin Tai Lim, Rosnah, Wong Kok Choo, Sunder, Solomon, Norsiah, Chandran, Tan Teow Choon, Low Lai Yoong, Yeoh Liew Kee

I have never seen this photo before or I have forgotten. This is awesome. Thanks to Habibah Mohd Isa for sharing this gem.
According to her it was the SBS Night where there were lots of activities happening during that day and it stretches till evening. I guess that was the best time during the entire school days here in Sultan Badlishah School because we need not have to attend any classes and most importantly we were having fun.