Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miss Rosalina Tan for Form 3 Biru - 1972

These are names mentioned in Khalid Shariff’s Facebook.

Adnan Hashim, Idris, Idrus Ismail, Chang Chee meng, Raffique, Khalid Shariff, Yap Siew Kuan, Zulkifli, Dzul(rimau), Zaairah, Mustafa, Shaikh Siraj, Kalthom, Tan Lye Hin(navy officer), Rahim, Narimah, Lee Siok Wah(15, main road lunas), Radzi, Sreedharan, Osman, Miss Rosalina Tan, Siew Hong, Ivan de Costa, Rusna, g porkoddy, Zainuddin, Arwah Zuraini, Salmah, Heng Eow Choon, Khatijah, Sharifah, Ramli, chandran, Fatimah, Radziah

Miss Rosalina Tan was popular in the teaching of Mathematics. I remember her as the sweet and hitam manis Cik Gu. Thank you Teacher for your guidance.

This photograph was taken from Khalid Shariff’s Facebook.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Scouting Days of the Early 70's in South Kedah

The Scout of 1968 and the Scoutmaster was Mr Wong Chow Weng. Mr Neng is also in this photo, the one who rode a Honda 50 Cub to school.

1969 – Mr Cheah Kok Poh became the Scout Master and is now very active in social activities in Kulim.

1968 - Tuanku Sultan visit's Scouts Camp Site accompanied by the Headmaster  Mr. Ong Leng Jin.

Tuanku Sultan was receiving Guard of Honor Salute during a Sport Day 1971 and the Parade Commander was Mr. Ahmad Yassin. Puspa has just completed deploying the Royal Standard.

A briefing by Mr. Cheah Kok Poh.

1970 - Scouts & Girl Guides Camp Fire.

1970 - World Scouts Jamboree in Ayer Keroh, Melaka

No.188 is Mohd Faizul Abdullah (formerly as Puspa in school) in a 400 metre heat event and won the final run during the Sport Day in 1971. Thanks for all these photos.

 This photograph was taken from Mohd Faizul Abdullah’s Facebook.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ex Badlishians of the 1978 Batch

Some of the names in this photograph : Yab Yong Beng, Borhan Mat Aris, Jagjit Singh, Harris Koh, Ismail Baharom, Lim, Anthoni, Anthony, Arwah Bakhtiar Md Noor, V Mohan, Fong Yok Koh, Pramjeet Singh, Danny Wati, Danny Waty, Naga Sundram, Hashim Wahiduddin, Pak Ndak, Ghazali Omar, Shaiful Bahari Hassan, Nor Wahi Abdullah, Norwahi Abdullah, Tan Ban King, Azman Sulaiman, Azman Shamsuddin, Mansor Ahmad, Sahrifuddin, Ilias, Azahar, Roslie Waslie, Wong Seng Mooi, Tan, Nazir Abdullah, Baba Shah

This photograph was taken from Latifah Ghazali Omar's Facebook.

Monday, November 29, 2010

X-Badlishians 1st Reunion Dinner 27 November 2010

It was a historical moment for a group of friends who used to study in a small town called Kulim, Kedah and it was the first reunion ever organised in Sabah. Well done to all the organisers for making this gathering a success. We, the former Badlishians are proud of this special occasion.

Some of the names in this photo;
Bakar Tahir, Mahalim Daim, Danny Waty, Majin, Danny, Justin Matajim, Jj Matajam, Raymond Uging, Zulkefle Abd Hamid, Sahat Sadikun, Umin Sadi, Ventinus Joilin, Philhan Datali, Abdonasrah Mohamad Rais, Johari Jivisol Binjinos, Mait Atong, Sapihi Dulamit, Iskhandar Damis, Fred Among Engkat, Chin Hok Kien, Paul Nointeen, Johny Ng, Habibah Mohd Isa, Datuk Md Lan Allanie, Suhaibol Omar.

At the registration desk we have Iskhandar Damis, Ven Joilin, Abdonasrah Mohamad Rais, Johnny Ng,Joja Jivi and Jj Matajam.

Datuk Mohd Lan Allanie, the main sponsor of this gathering presenting a memento to Habibah Mohd Isa (the representative of Ex-Badlishians from Peninsula).

This is the 1974 Gang; Iskhandar, Datuk Mohd Lan, Paul, Mai, Johnny & Mahalim enjoying the karaoke session.

The popular Sabah Seafood cuisine prepared for the occasion.

A solo performance presented by Mait Atong.

Sahat Sadikun and Raymond Uging were from the 1975 batch.

Bravo!!! Bersih & Setia lives on…….

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Collection of Old Photos

This is another collection for The Badlishian. A class in 1971 they were in Form 2 one year my senior. A couple of names here like Hamzah, Izham, Siti mariam Kassim, Paul Nointeen, Ghazali Ishak, Nurimas, Azizan Omar, Albumin Saimin, Latifah Abdul Karim, Roshani Hashim, Salbiah and Sofian Shariff.

This photograph was taken from Latifah Abdul Karim's Facebook.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1974 Batch Having A Small Reunion @ Sg. Limau, Lunas

From Left : Cheuw Lin, Che Ramlan, Ahmad Ishak, Chan Chee Meng, Soon Poh Lin and Rosli Ramli.

They were my seniors (1 year) in Sultan Badlishah School, if I am not wrong most of them were the law enforcers in the school. They were smartly dressed with ties,blazer and making sure the student do not misbehave in the school compound. 

On 10 November 2010, they gathered themselves at Ramlan's house to share their past. And I am sure it was a wonderful reunion.

This photograph was taken from Ahmad Ishak's Facebook.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Harun Rasheed Our Hero of the 70's

Harun Rasheed was a popular athlete during the early 70’s. He was a good sprinter and has represented Malaysia at the SEA Games in 400metres & 4 X400metres events.

He used to work with Maybank Berhad taking charge of the Maybank Sport Complex.
He is now taking charge of the country 100 metres and 4 X 100metres women events.

Thanks to Thinakaran for his kind contribution for this posting.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ahmad Ishak - When He Was Young & with Friends From Sabah 1974

This is a nostalgic photo from the closet of Ahmad Ishak and these were the people in this photo: Mohd Lan Allanie, Bandai, Yusriah, Arwah Zuraini, Ahmad Ishak and Mait Atong.

This photograph was taken from Ahmad Ishak's Facebook.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mini Gathering @ Shah Alam for a Taste of Nasi Briyani Gam Johore

It was a last minute arrangement and everyone could make it. After all we got to eat mah. We have here from left Thinakaran, Tai Lim, Captain Mahamood Ibrahim and Abdul Rashid Haniff.

It was a satisfying lunch.

Thanks to Thinakaran for his wonderful photography. Everyone who wishes to taste this nasi briyani gam Johor please give me a call, we will arrange one for you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Classmate Sam Segran a.k.a. Vengadasamy Sekaran

Mahendran has done a good work, he managed to trace Sekaran in the cyber space. But Sekaran has yet to respond from Mahendran’s email. We will wait for his good reply.

We were in this class in Std 6 in Tunku Malik Primary School, Kulim, Kedah.

And in his class in Form 1 (1971) – 1 Merah.

A biography of Sekaran extracted from the cyber space :
after spending a few years in the International Airline industry, Sam Segran joined the Information Technology field in 1985. He has been at Texas Tech University since 1983 and has earned a Bachelor's degree in MIS and an MBA in MIS. He started as a Computer Help Desk consultant in 1985 and rose steadily through the ranks. After spending three years as Deputy CIO, he was promoted to his current position of Chief Information Officer for Texas Tech University in April 2003. He is active in various professional organizations and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas LoneStar Education and Research Network (LEARN). His major focus is the Safe Computing Practices campaign at Texas Tech University. His favorite pastimes include reading, traveling, fishing, cooking, and spending time with his wife Jamie and his "baby" T-Rex (5 pound toy poodle).”

Guess he has changed his name as Sam Segran.
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