Monday, November 29, 2010

X-Badlishians 1st Reunion Dinner 27 November 2010

It was a historical moment for a group of friends who used to study in a small town called Kulim, Kedah and it was the first reunion ever organised in Sabah. Well done to all the organisers for making this gathering a success. We, the former Badlishians are proud of this special occasion.

Some of the names in this photo;
Bakar Tahir, Mahalim Daim, Danny Waty, Majin, Danny, Justin Matajim, Jj Matajam, Raymond Uging, Zulkefle Abd Hamid, Sahat Sadikun, Umin Sadi, Ventinus Joilin, Philhan Datali, Abdonasrah Mohamad Rais, Johari Jivisol Binjinos, Mait Atong, Sapihi Dulamit, Iskhandar Damis, Fred Among Engkat, Chin Hok Kien, Paul Nointeen, Johny Ng, Habibah Mohd Isa, Datuk Md Lan Allanie, Suhaibol Omar.

At the registration desk we have Iskhandar Damis, Ven Joilin, Abdonasrah Mohamad Rais, Johnny Ng,Joja Jivi and Jj Matajam.

Datuk Mohd Lan Allanie, the main sponsor of this gathering presenting a memento to Habibah Mohd Isa (the representative of Ex-Badlishians from Peninsula).

This is the 1974 Gang; Iskhandar, Datuk Mohd Lan, Paul, Mai, Johnny & Mahalim enjoying the karaoke session.

The popular Sabah Seafood cuisine prepared for the occasion.

A solo performance presented by Mait Atong.

Sahat Sadikun and Raymond Uging were from the 1975 batch.

Bravo!!! Bersih & Setia lives on…….