Monday, February 7, 2011

1970 - My Seniors & I was in Tunku Abdul Malik Std 6

This collection of old Badlishian photograph from Ang Bok Leong's Facebook account and the year was 1970. In this photo they were "Mohana Kumar, Tan Yong Lee, Lim Sum Sik, Maniraj, Leow Yong Keat, Choong Long Choi, ?, Ang Bok Leong" as described by Bok Leong.

Another photo of Bok Leong and such a wonderful mix of friends of the past. As written by Bok Leong they were "Jeganathan, Ho Leong Pee, Mohana Kumar, Ah Kew, Roslan, Ang Bok Leong, Kok Ah Leng, Gulothangan, Mohan".
The year was taken in 1971 some were from St Patrick's and some were from Sultan Badlishah School.

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