Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prefects of 1974

These were the "Policemen & Policewomen" of the school. They were there to ensure proper law and order are adhered at the school. Those who misbehave would be taken care. Interestingly some of the faces here have been reconnected in the cyber world and are active in the marvel of facebook.

The year was 1974. Have a good recollection of these faces seen here.


  1. Fatimah, Sufian, ?, Late Megat Junid (Senior Assistant), Manjit Singh (Head Prefect), Mr Liew (Teacher in Charge), Mr Chiam (Headmaster), Khaw Lake Ean, Sabri Ali, Z...., Al...Will try to recall slowly.

  2. Are you one of them in the picture?