Sunday, February 27, 2011

I love this game of Basketball - 1975

This was the "Dream Team" of Sultan Badlishah School in 1975. Our tallest player was the late Teng Kim Bah playing the position of center and did most of the rebounds. Ooi Soo Kiat one of the forwards, always on the run or in another word "master of curi ayam". Tan Teow Choon, Ho Tick Choong, Kho Poh Tee aka Jimmy, Tiang Peng, Loh Choo Haw and Tan Kean Hooi are among those who love this game.
 I have no knowledge of one who can slam dunk during that time, only knew of such skill after watching NBA. I really love this game but have stopped playing basketball since I snapped my right arterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the early 2000 while playing this game. That was it, no more buying basketball shoes but have opted for golf shoes and walking shoes.

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