Friday, April 22, 2011

My Search for Old Friends Continues - Allias Ishak & Ven Joilin

It was a good afternoon at Royal Selangor Club in front of the famous Padang of Kuala Lumpur where four old friends from the same school met up and had a lot to talk about the past.
From right : Allias Ishak, Thinakaran Shanmugam, Ven Joilin & Sin Tai Lim.

Allias and I were from the same primary class in Tunku Abdul Malik School, Kulim. In this black & white image were Allias & Anuar Shamsuddin (also another classmate of ours). The last I met Allias accidentally in State, Petaling Jaya was sometime early 80's. It was so good to meet up with him again.

 A night with Ven Joilin from Sabah and we have KL Hokkien Noodle at Chinatown, Petaling Street.

Ven Joilin is one year our junior, he was one of the many Sabahan under Sabah Foundation to spent years in Kulim & studied in Sultan Badlishah School. Young & handsome Ven in this Geography Society picture in 1975.

We ate with our fingers and it is sort of mandatory to do so when eating Indian banana leave rice. Over in this table there is a Kadazan, a Chinese, Malay and an Indian eating together and we talked about our good old days in Sultan Badlishah School. Malaysia should be proud of us.

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