Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini Gathering to Meet an Old Pal - Wong Kok Choo

The chance to meet up Wong Kok Choo (seated on the right) at last has been materialized. I received a call on a Sunday morning while I was at a market doing my usual chore. I managed to gather a few more schoolmates for this special meeting. Thanks to Tan Kean Hooi, Ho Tick Choong and Yeoh Cheang Tiek for attending this mini gathering.

 We were young and we were at Maxwell Hill, Taiping in 1974.

And this photo was taken at Penang Esplanade during a school excursion.

We talked and talked and were very happy to meet up again after 36 years since we left school.

Our family members were there too to share and compare notes of our lives. We shall meet again.

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