Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boys will be Boys & Will be in Secondary School by 1977

These boys were from Sekolah Tunku Abdul Malik of 6 Hijau in 1976 (puberty time) and some of the names of these boys are Yeoh Hung Cheong, Khaw Kim Sun, Mahadzer Arshad, Leonard, Abdul Hisham, Manithasan Muthayah, Fadzil, Yeoh Hung Chun, Shafie, Yahaya.
Zubir, Mr. Chelliah, Marzuki, Amizan Ariffin, Eng Heng Long,  Abdul Latif Saad, Hamdon?, Ooi Yoke Keong, Hasbullah, Salleh Omar, Zul Ahmad, Alwi, Mageswaran, Mr. Oh, Rahmat Kasim, Badri.
Mohd Faris, Razak, Capt Nazri @ Anba, Padmanathan, Ariff Abdul Shatar, Subramanian Mohan, Khedzair, Muhyidin and Johan Sam.
And most of them should be continuing their studies at Sekolah Menengah Sultan Badlishah.
They have grown up and it is interesting to know what they are doing now ... and for you to find out.


  1. Khaw Kim Sun, If not mistaken This guy was staying infront Bazaar Mara(tamil School)....ICE Factory?


    1. Are you sure same person?