Monday, June 13, 2011

Students who left the School in 1971

Gangadaran, Suria Kumar, Ng Say Bah, Aris, Mustakin Omar, Goh Teik Chuan, Miss Chin, Ah Boy Chong, Choo Chuan Hooi, Mohd Faizul @ Puspa Kumar, Ahmad Tarmizi, Sim Phoay Learn, Dorai Pandian, Sirihalan
Form 1 - 1967

Choo Chuan Hooi, Goh Teik Chuan, Agnes Teh, Mustakin Omar, Faizul@Puspa, Sim Phoay Learn, Harun Rasheed,Ah Boy Chong,Nonself Leong
Form 3 - 1969
I have heard so much of Mr. Harcharan Singh and did not have the opportunity to be his student. But I have met his son and daughter in a recent dinner with Mr. Rao. Mr. Harcharan is now staying in Penang and is a good friend of Mr. P.S. Rao.

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